When was Haileybury founded?

Haileybury opened its doors in 1892 with five staff and 17 students. In its over 125 years of history the School has changed dramatically to become one of the leading private schools in Australia.

Why was Haileybury College founded?

The East India Company College, or East India College, was an educational establishment situated at Hailey, Hertfordshire, nineteen miles north of London, founded in 1806 to train “writers” (administrators) for the Honourable East India Company (HEIC).

Where was the Haileybury College located in India?

Also known as “East India College ”, Haileybury, in Hertfordshire, provided education for potential civil servants of the East India Company. Pupils were young men between 15-20 years of age who had been nominated by EIC Directors to become Writers in the Indian Civil Service.

Is Haileybury a Catholic school?

At Haileybury, Chapel is the centre of spiritual life and most days start with a whole School service that is Christian in style, but inclusive of other faiths.

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Is Haileybury a girls school?

From small beginnings in 2000, Haileybury Girls College (with over 1,500 students) has grown to be the second largest girls school in Victoria.

How much does Haileybury cost?

2021 Tuition Fees

Year Level Annual Fees Instalments
Years 8 & 9 $10,270.00 $2,567.50
Years 10, 11 & 12 $10,555.00 $2,638.75
Boarding (Years 7 – 12) $27,565.00 $6,891.25
ELC (long day care centre) $122.50 per day

How many students does Haileybury have?

Haileybury Girls College has over 1300 students from ELC – Year 12 and has established an outstanding record of academic and sporting successes. Pastoral care is run through the home teachers in Junior School and Middle School and through a vibrant house system in the Senior School.

When did Haileybury become coed?

Girls first began at Haileybury in 2000 and in 2006 Haileybury Girls College was formally established. Pargetter died in 2007. During his time at Haileybury Pargetter increased student numbers from 1,620 to 3,110.

Which are the other important trade Centre of English East India Company in India?

The company established trading posts in Surat (1619), Madras (1639), Bombay (1668), and Calcutta (1690).

Where was India first institute of higher education set up by East India Company?

The first institution of higher learning set up by the British East India Company was the Calcutta Madrasa in 1781.

Who established Fort William College for the training of civil servants of the company?

Fort William College an orientalist training centre set up by Governor General lord wellesley in 1800 within the Fort William complex. Its object was to effect moral and intellectual improvement of the newly recruited European civil servants.

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What is the best private school in Melbourne?

  • List of Best Private School in Melbourne.
  • Oakleigh Grammar Private School Melbourne.
  • Sacred Heart Girls’ College Oakleigh Private School Melbourne.
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College Private School Melbourne.
  • Fintona Girls’ Private School Melbourne.
  • Ruyton Girls’ Private School Melbourne.

Is Haileybury a private school?

Haileybury is one of the top private schools in Melbourne, with campuses in Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick, Melbourne CBD and Beijing (China). Haileybury embodies the philosophy of every student matters every day and that every stage of schooling is equally important.

How many private schools are there in Melbourne?

There are around 470 private schools in Melbourne, Victoria. This Melbourne Private Schools list includes Melbourne’s top non-government schools and independent primary and secondary schools across all suburbs of Melbourne.

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