How far is mithibai College from Vile Parle station?

Distance between Mithibai College and Vile Parle Station. It takes 3 minutes to travel from Mithibai College to Vile Parle Station. Approximate driving distance between Mithibai College and Vile Parle Station is 3 kms or 1.9 miles or 1.6 nautical miles.

How far is Juhu from Vile Parle?

Distance between Vile Parle Railway Station and Juhu Beach is 1.8 KM / 1.1 miles.

How do I get from Vile Parle station to Juhu Beach?

You can take a train from Churchgate railway station to reach Vile Parle. From there, you can take a rickshaw to reach Juhu beach. It will take you around 40 minutes to reach Churchgate to Vile Parle by train and then another 15 minutes to reach Juhu Beach from Vile Parle Station by road.

How far is domestic airport from Vile Parle station?

Origin Vile Parle Station, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Destination Mumbai Domestic Airport, Maharashtra, India
Driving Distance 4 kms or 2.5 miles or 2.2 nautical miles
Driving Time 4 minutes
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How can I go to mithibai college?

Bus lines with stations closest to Mithibai College in Andheri West

  1. C-12EXP. Santacruz Depot – Dahisar Bus Station.
  2. Goregaon Rly.Stn (W) – Pandit Paluskar Chowk (Opera House)
  3. Mahim Macchimar Nagar – P.Thakre Nagar Bus Station (Charkop)
  4. 200. Vesave Yari Road Bus Station – Shrawan Yeshwante Chowk (Kala Chowky)
  5. 224.

Which station is near Juhu Beach?

Juhu is among the most affluent areas of the city and home to many Bollywood celebrities. The nearest railway stations are Santacruz, Andheri and Vile Parle on the Western Line and Harbour Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. The nearest metro station is Versova.

How far is Juhu beach from Andheri station?

The distance between Andheri ( Station ) and Juhu Beach is 3 km.

How do I get from Juhu beach to Bandra?

The best way to get from Bandra Terminus to Juhu Beach without a car is to line 28 bus which takes 43 min and costs ₹12 – ₹15. How long does it take to get from Bandra Terminus to Juhu Beach? The line 28 bus from Khar Telephone Exchange to Juhu Beach takes 23 min including transfers and departs hourly.

Is Vile Parle a posh area?

Vile Parle West is the posh area of Mumbai. Vile Parle West is the posh area of Mumbai. All the basic facilities like schools, colleges, hospitals are nearby. Road connectivity is also good at this location.

Why is Vile Parle called Vile Parle?

The name ” Vile Parle ” has been derived from the names of two small but old temples: Virleshwar and Parleshwar. It serves as the location of the first Parle Biscuit factory. It houses Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport ‘s Domestic Terminal.

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How do I get to Juhu Chaupati?

To reach the beautiful Juhu Beach, catch a suburban train from Churchgate or VT by using the Harbour Line to either Vile Parle station or Santa Cruz train station. Located in Vile Parle, you can easily also reach Juhu Beach via local cabs, and even state transport buses. The nearest bus stand is Dadar.

How do I get from domestic airport to Vile Parle station?

It takes 2 minutes to travel from Vile Parle Railway Station to Mumbai Domestic Airport.

Origin Vile Parle Railway Station
Destination Mumbai Domestic Airport, Maharashtra, India
Driving Distance 2 kms or 1.2 miles or 1.1 nautical miles
Driving Time 2 minutes

Which railway station is nearer to Mumbai airport?

Which is the closest train station? The nearest suburban train station from BOM Airport is Vile Parle Railway Station, located in Santacruz. Adheria East Railway Station is also located really close to Mumbai Airport.

How far is airport from Andheri station?

Distance between Andheri Railway Station and Mumbai Domestic Airport is 2.7 KM / 1.7 miles.

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