Is it hard to get into Trinity College Cambridge?

You will find admission statistics to Trinity on the Cambridge website. It is slightly more challenging to get into Trinity. However, that shouldn’t stop you from applying because a good applicant may still get pooled and offered admission to another college. Most of the people I knew who applied to Trinity got pooled.

How do I get into Trinity College Cambridge?

You can apply to Trinity to become either an Undergraduate member or (if you have already taken a degree elsewhere) a Postgraduate member. To promote University of Cambridge for prospective applicants.

How can I get admission in Cambridge?

Admission Process for University of Cambridge UG Courses

  1. Submit a UCAS application.
  2. Submit Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)
  3. Complete the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) sent by the University of Cambridge after submission of UCAS.

What can you study at Trinity College Cambridge?

  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic. Read Now.
  • Archaeology. Read Now.
  • Architecture. Read Now.
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Read Now.
  • Chemical Engineering. Read Now.
  • Classics. Read Now.
  • Computer Science. Read Now.
  • Economics. Read Now.
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Which Cambridge College is easiest to get into?

Robinson is generally considered the easiest Cambridge college to enter. It’s newer than the other colleges, and therefore less prestigious.

Which is the richest college in Cambridge?

Trinity is the richest Oxbridge college with a landholding alone worth £800 million. For comparison, the second richest college in Cambridge (St. John’s) has an estimated endowment of around £780 million, and the richest college in Oxford (St. John’s) has about £600 million.

Why is Trinity College so rich?

Trinity’s wealth Trinity remains extremely wealthy to this day, thanks to its royal benefactor and the land that he bequeathed. The land that the College owns includes: Felixstowe container port. Cambridge Science park.

Why is Trinity College famous?

Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest university, founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592. In 1592 Trinity College only welcomed Protestant elite for education, and only in 1793 it opened its doors to the Catholics. In 1904, the first women were allowed to study at the university.

Should I apply to Trinity College Cambridge?

You should probably apply to Trinity college, you have an excellent applicant profile. However I’d just remind you to do it for the right reasons. Obviously Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell add prestige to the college for philosophy, which might be a good enough reason to apply.

Can I study in Cambridge for free?

The University of Cambridge has launched a free one-year Foundation course targeted at talented students from backgrounds of educational and social disadvantage in the UK.

How hard is the Cambridge entrance exam?

Pretty hard. Statistically around one in seven applicants get in, but those seven applicants all tend to be pretty good. Nearly two-thirds of those who apply who get three A*s at A-level or better will end up being rejected. The proportion rejected is even higher for those with lower scores.

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What is the fees of Cambridge University?

University of Cambridge Fees

Undergraduate Fees 22,227 GBP to 58,038 GBP per year
College Fees 9,300 GBP to 10,395 GBP per year
Postgraduate Fees 22,080 GBP to 36,012 GBP per year
MBA 55,000 GBP per year
Master of Finance 45,975 GBP per year

Is Harvard better than Cambridge?

Harvard University and Cambridge University are two of the most prestigious and well-known universities in the whole world. Both universities are consistently in the top rankings of being the best choice for education, reputation, and academic excellence. Harvard is a private institution while Cambridge is public.

Which Cambridge College is most competitive?

The most competitive, i.e. with the most applicants, I would imagine, are the big 3– Trinity, King’s and St John’s. Apart from these, the other 28 are equally subscribed as per their maximum enrollment numbers.

Which Cambridge College has best accommodation?

Up close and personal: The best college rooms in Cambridge

  • 1) Emily, 3rd year English, Girton.
  • 2) Ariel, 3rd year HSPS, Jesus.
  • 3) Max, 2nd year English, Girton.
  • 4) Beth, 2nd year English, Clare.
  • 5) Emily, 2nd year History, King’s.
  • 6) Amy, 3rd year Geography, Trinity Hall.

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