Where is the lakshmibai college?

Lakshmibai College, an all-women college founded in 1965, is affiliated to Delhi University. Lakshmibai College Highlights 2021.

Particulars Statistics
Location Ashok Vihar, Delhi
Campus size 10.06 acre
Affiliation Delhi University
Approval NAAC


Is lakshmibai college good?

College is supportive in matter of placement of students. Lakshmibai college fees structure is cheap and I pay approx 8000 for one year. It is satisfactory as the college faculty members are nice and college is being on development day by day. Campus environment is quiet and peaceful.

How can I go to Laxmi Bai College by Metro?

Nearest Metro Station to Lakshmi Bai College is Shastri Nagar Metro Station.

Is lakshmibai college a girls college?

Lakshmibai College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi that provides higher education to women only. It was established in 1965 and named in honour of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, the fearless warrior and patriot. The college has a library with a reading room.

How is laxmibai college Quora?

Though the campus of Lakshmibai College is not so good, the level of education is. Here, you can find teachers who are really devoted to their work. You can get all your queries solved. You can find multiple options of books in library.

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In which campus is Kalindi College?

One of the lesser known beauties of North Campus, Kalindi College is a marvel when it comes to imparting bombshell education to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Affiliated to the University of Delhi, Kalindi College is located in East Patel Nagar, Central Delhi.

Who is the director of NC Web University of Delhi?

Dr Anju Gupta, Director Non

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