How can I start a junior college in Telangana?

The affiliation process involves submission of certificates including building permission, lease documents, sanitation, and structural soundness, fire No Objection Certificate (NoC) from the Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Services department etc. to the Board.

How do I start a junior college?

Land: As per the norms laid down by CBSE, minimum land area of 2 acres is required to establish an intermediate college along with a playground. The land could either be your own property or it could be leased (with a rental agreement of 30 years).

When Inter colleges will start in Telangana?

Hyderabad: Schools in Telangana will reopen from February 1, 2021, for classes 9 onwards after a gap of one year. Further, colleges will also resume on the same day with COVID-19 protocol in place. As per Chief Minister K.

Is colleges open in Telangana?

The Telangana government has decided to shut down all educational institutions from today, March 24, 2021 due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state as per an ANI report. Several state governments decided to reopen schools and to resume physical classes.

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Is attendance compulsory in intermediate in Telangana 2021?

HYDERABAD: Classes in junior colleges in Telangana will be held in two shifts from February 1, 2021 as per guidelines issued by the state government on Tuesday. “Minimum attendance will not be required for appearing in the examinations of the current semester of the academic year 2020-21.

How can I open a junior college in Maharashtra?

School/ Junior College shall be eligible to apply for temporary recognition only after receiving permission for opening 2nd year class and Government in respect of Junior College. The application in the prescribed Form No. 3 accompanied by prescribed fees shall reach the Council by 31st June of the year.

What age do you go to junior college?

Introduction. LCM Junior College is a performing arts department offering expert tuition to students from across the UK aged 3-19 years. Every Saturday during term time over 150 students come through our doors and enter a thriving, inspirational learning environment.

How long is a junior college?

Junior college, also called community college, educational institution that provides two years of academic instruction beyond secondary school, as well as technical and vocational training to prepare graduates for careers. Public junior colleges are often called community colleges.

How much does it cost to start a college?

It’s hard to find exact figures, but getting a new college accredited can cost at least $30,000 all on its own. You’ll also need funding for hiring staff and instructors, buying equipment, and renting or purchasing land and facilities, which can quickly add up to millions of dollars.

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What are the best intermediate colleges in Hyderabad?

  • Fiitjee Junoir College.
  • Excellencia Junior College.
  • Narayana Junior College.
  • Urbane College.
  • Sri Chaitanya Boys College.
  • Sri Chaitanya Junior College.
  • Page Junior College.
  • Sri Gayatri Junior College.

What is school reopening in Telangana 2020?

The Telangana government is planning to reopen the schools for a period of 120 days for the academic year 2020 -21. However, the date of reopening is yet to be finalized. The Telangana government is planning to reopen the schools for a period of 120 days for the academic year 2020 -21.

Who is Telangana education minister?

Council of Ministers (Present)

Name of the Minister Portfolio Room No.
Smt. Patlolla Sabitha Indra Reddy Education
Sri Gangula Kamalakar BC Welfare, Food & Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Smt. Satyavathi Rathod ST Welfare, Women & Child Welfare
Sri Puvvada Ajay Kumar Transport


Will exams be conducted in Telangana 2021?

About TS SSC 2021 Directorate of Government Education, Telangana has cancelled the TS SSC exam 2021 amid rising COVID19 cases in the state.

When schools and colleges are reopening in Telangana?

The minister said the reopening of schools and junior colleges will be decided depending on the Covid-19 situation on June 1. The minister also said April 26 will be the last working day of the academic year.

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