How do I search for Facebook friends by college?

Facebook Help Team If you click on the link below, you should see an option on the right hand side that allows you to search for friends by college or university. Keep in mind that if your friend doesn’t have their college listed in their profile, they may not show up in the search results.

Can you search your Facebook friends by occupation?

If you and the person you’re looking for worked in the same establishment, you can search for them using the Work filter. To do that, follow the path your Profile page > Friends, only this time select Work from the menu. You ‘ll then see a list of all of your colleagues from your workplace.

How do you find someone you went to college with?

Send a friend request to any people you know, and even to those that you don’t know. Look on the friends list of all of your new connections to find and connect with additional college friends. You can also enter your college friend’s name into the search field on Facebook and search for that person manually.

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How do you search for classmates on Facebook?

To find these people, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Friends icon in the big blue bar on top.
  2. At the top of the menu, click the Find Friends link.
  3. Click Other Tools (usually found at the bottom of the list of options).
  4. Click any of the Find Coworkers From or Find Classmates From links.

How do I search for someone on FB?

A menu will appear. Tap Friends. It’s near the top of the menu. On Android, this option will say ‘ Find Friends instead.

How do you find someone you haven’t seen in years?

How Can I Find Someone I haven’t Seen For Years?

  1. Finding Someone On Facebook.
  2. Finding Someone on Other Social Media.
  3. Finding Someone On The Internet.
  4. Professional People Tracing Service.

How do I find someone based on where they work?

LinkedIn, a social networking site designed for people to post resumes and other work information, is a good place to find people by workplace. Some people also include their employers on their Twitter pages and other social networks.

How can I find someone on Facebook without their name?

If you can’t find someone by name, you can still narrow your search down if you can remember where they work or where they went to school. Search for the business name or school they went to. If they’ve filled out this information in their profile, their name should show up on the company or school’s page.

How do I find someone I went to high school with?

Track-Them-Down Tips

  1. Start with a yearbook, notebook, or letter with the return address or old e-mail.
  2. Go on Facebook.
  3. Go to
  4. Try
  5. Hang on to the addresses.
  6. Spread the net wider.
  7. Double check information sent by well-meaning people.
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What do you call your classmates?

We can call such a person a “fellow”, a “peer”, or a “colleague”. “ Classmate ” would also be understood, but we use it for elementary up to high school age. In specific settings you can say “lab partner”, “roommate”, “buddy”. Also, if you were to say, “Oh, we ‘re fellow alumni at Duke,” that would be well understood.

How do I search for jobs on Facebook?

Facebook job postings can be found in two places: on a specific company’s Facebook page under the Jobs tab and on a separate jobs page that you can use to search all job listings by location, industry, skill, and job type. If you’re on the mobile app, go to the Jobs tab under More.

How do I find old classmates on Facebook?

Find Former or Current Classmates or Co-workers Click on any of the links below the name and e-mail search field (such as “Find former college classmates “) to navigate to another friend-finding page. You can type in the school name or the class year, then (optionally) a name to find a classmate.

Why can’t I find someone on Facebook when I know they have an account?

If you ‘re unable to find the person, it could be because he chose not to make his profile available for public search. If you are able to find him, click the name to go to his Timeline and then log in from that page. If the Timeline is no longer visible, you ‘ve been blocked.

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