Is it good to be called a stud?

It is an actively good idea to compliment the physical appearance of lovers and appropriate friends and family, in appropriate ways. ” Stud ” can certainly be used in this in most contexts.

What’s a female stud called?

The term closest to the female version of stud to me is “vixen” I rarely hear it used currently, though it’s quite common in older films.

What does it mean if a guy is a stud?

countable ​informala man who is admired for being sexually attractive and good at sex. He thinks he’s such a stud.

Can a man be a stud?

An adult male capable of reproduction is a stud.

What does stud stand for?


Acronym Definition
STUD Student
STUD Studiosus
STUD Super Tactical Urban Dinosaur (gaming clan, Counter-Strike)
STUD Suedostasiatische Treffen Und Dialog (German: SouthEast Asian Meetings and Dialogues)

What does it mean when a guy calls you a vixen?

As slang, to call someone a vixen means that she’s sexy and flirtatious, a label she may or may not like. Definitions of vixen. noun. a female fox.

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What is the female version of ladies man?

People and occupations

Male Female
lord lady
man woman
monk nun
prince princess


What is virile man?

1a: having traditionally masculine traits especially to a marked degree. b: characteristic of or associated with men: masculine. 2: having the nature, properties, or qualities of an adult male specifically: capable of functioning as a male in copulation.

What is the opposite of a stud?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of a strong, virile or physically attractive man. wimp. milksop.

What does stud earrings mean?

The definition of a stud earring is a small piece of jewelry that is worn through a small hole in the earlobe. An example of a stud earring is a small diamond set in gold and worn in the earlobe.

What is a stud muffin?

stud muffin in British English noun. slang. a sexually attractive young man.

What are stud bolts?

: a bolt with threads on both ends designed to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and to receive a nut on the other.

What’s another word for stud?

What is another word for stud?

hunk beefcake
caveman machoman
man’s man virile man
strong man sex symbol
heart-throb hottie


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