Is Lambton College Easy to get into?

Lambton College is a public institution located in Sarnia, Ontario. Lambton College has an intake of approximately 3,500 full-time, part-time and international students. The number of applications received exceeds the capacity for each program which makes the admission process highly competitive.

Is Lambton College provide work permit?

Lambton College Programs are of 2 years of duration, which allows students to apply for a work permit of 3 years after graduation. Many programs include a work placement (COOP) semester, which allows students to graduate with Canadian experience.

What is the band requirement of Lambton College?

English Language Proficiency Requirements Applicants must demonstrate language proficiency by submitting one of the following scores: IELTS of 6.0; TOEFL iBT 69; or. Passed Lambton Institute of English placement test.

How do I contact Lambton College?


  1. Contact. Lambton College in Sarnia. 1457 London Road.
  2. Lambton in Toronto at Cestar College 416-485-2098 400-265 Yorkland Blvd Toronto, ON M2J 1S5 lambton Lambton in Mississauga at Queen’s College 905-890-7833 121 Brunel Road Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E9 lambton Student Helplines.
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What is the fees of Lambton College?


Residence Administrative Fee
Sept 2020 – Apr 2021 (Most Programs) $5,400 $50
Sept 2020 – June 2021 (MSTC) $6,750 $50
Sept 2020 – Aug 2021 (DSWP, ESTH, HSTY, RENT) $8,100 $50
Sept 2020 – Dec 2020/Jan 2021 – Apr 2021 (One term only for students with co-op term) $2,700 $50

Is Lambton a bad college?

I got admission in course of Advanced project management and strategic leadership in Lambton college,toronto campus of sept intake. IT IS ONE OF THE WORST COLLEGES IN CANADA. THE TEACHING STAFF DOES NOT POSSESS KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE TO TEACH.

Is Lambton College private?

Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology ( Lambton College ) is a public, non- profit college located in Sarnia, Ontario which has established a licensing agreement in Toronto, Ontario, Canada referred to as Lambton in Toronto. Cestar College, a government licensed private career college.

Is duolingo accepted in Lambton College?

Lambton College is now accepting Duolingo.

Can I get PR after 2 year study Canada?

Students who have studied at least for two years at an accredited post-secondary school on a full-time basis are eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada under this program.

How do you pay for Lambton College?

Online bill payment through your bank account.

  1. Log into your bank account and set up Lambton College as a bill payee.
  2. Go to Bill Payments.
  3. Add ” Lambton College ” as a new payee.
  4. Account Number: use your 7-digit student ID, without the preceding “C” Correct: 0001234 Incorrect: c0001234.

What is Lambton College known for?

Lambton is particularly well- known for its applied commercialization research activities, through which it has cultivated a robust network of global research partners and funded a number of state-of-the-art labs and facilities. In fact, Lambton College was ranked #1 among the top 50 research colleges in Canada in 2018.

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Does Lambton College accept gap?

Any applicant with a study gap greater than 1 year must provide an experience/employment confirmation letter. Applicants who completed distance/open education will not be accepted. Applicants who studied in UK or Australia at a private college / university will not be accepted.

How do I access my Lambton College email?

MyLambton Email Access

  1. The MyLambton email ID and permanent password to access your MyLambton EMails and your student account is uploaded to your CESTAR Database.
  2. If you have any difficulties in signing to your MyLambton Account, Please contact the IT help desk at helpdesk@

How do I contact Lambton College from India?

International Students 416-485-2098.

How do you get from Toronto to Sarnia?

Toronto to Sarnia by train. The train journey time between Toronto and Sarnia is around 4h 40m and covers a distance of around 279 km. The fastest train normally takes 4h 40m. Operated by VIA Rail, the Toronto to Sarnia train service departs from Toronto Union Station and arrives in Sarnia.

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