Which is the best college for Bipc?

Few colleges for bipc are:

  • Little flower junior college.
  • Narayana junior college.
  • Nawrosjee wadia college,Pune.
  • St. Mary’s college.
  • Mahaboobia junior college.
  • Shadab junior college.
  • Shri Ram Bhadra junior college.

Which college is best for Inter in Hyderabad?

  • Fiitjee Junoir College.
  • Excellencia Junior College.
  • Narayana Junior College.
  • Urbane College.
  • Sri Chaitanya Boys College.
  • Sri Chaitanya Junior College.
  • Page Junior College.
  • Sri Gayatri Junior College.

Which branch of Sri Chaitanya is best for NEET?

Which branch of Sri Chaitanya I n Hyderabad best for BIPC neet? For NEET the best branch in Hyderabad is the Hydernagar Zonal Branch. But if you have to take admission in that you would have to clear 2 levels of exam.

Which college is best for Bipc Narayana or Chaitanya?

The straight answer to this question is Sri Chaitanya has one of the best faculty in the country and far better than Narayana.

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Is BiPC better or MPC?

Well, it depends on your interest. If you’re interested to pursue a career in maths/physics related, then go for MPC. If you’re willing to deal with the biological world, then opt for BiPC.

Is BiPC easy?

No, not at all. It’s similar to any other subjects. Every course has their tough and soft corners. Your capacity to understand, analyse, remember will be helpful in your course of choice.

What are the top 10 colleges in Hyderabad?

The Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad by NIRF Ranking 2020

# Institute Name 2018 Rank
1 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad 9
2 International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
3 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University 42
4 University College of Engineering 80


Is Sri Chaitanya good for NEET?

Sri Chaitanya, with a phenomenal portfolio of preparing future doctors, has always stood first among the best NEET coaching centres in Hyderabad. With an enhanced canvas, it is on the path to turn into Best NEET Coaching Centre in the region as well as the nation.

Which is the best branch of Narayana in Hyderabad?

Best IIT-JEE Coaching Branches to Choose In Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad

  1. Narayana Junior college (Nallakunta) Address: 2–2–1126/1, New Ramalayam Road, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, 500044.
  2. Narayana Junior college (Madhapur)

Is Aakash better than Chaitanya?

Re: Which is better for NEET preparation between Sri Chaitanya Institute and Aakash Institute? Both the coaching institutes are good. If you want that your classes and coaching goes parallel to each other than choose AAKASH coaching institute.

Is Aakash better than Sri Chaitanya?

Akash Institute would be considered better than Sri Chaitanya.

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Which branch of Aakash is best for NEET in Hyderabad?

Himayatnagar branch is the best branch I have known. You can check out there.

Which college is best for Bipc in Tirupati?

Junior Colleges Tirupati

  • Drona For Ca & Cma. 3.5.
  • C. Nri Academy. 3.6.
  • C. S V Defence Academy. 308 Ratings.
  • Sri Padmavathi Women’s Junior College. 4.0. 218 Ratings.
  • C. Sri Chaitanya Junior College. 3.7.
  • C. S.V.Junior College. 4.2.
  • Narayana Junior College. 3.5. 115 Ratings.

What is techno syllabus?

What is Techno Curriculum? The Main Objective of the TECHNO SYLLABUS is to give the students a Good Foundation in the Prestigious IIT’s, NIIT’S, AIIMS, JIPMER, AIPMD, DEEMED UNIVERSTIES and other Medical and Engineering Institutes and other streams with ease and comfort.

Which is better Fiitjee or Chaitanya?

Fiitjee is a nationally recognized institute and chaitanya, though they have branches opened across the country, still struggling to find its way. Fiitjee produces lot of AIR under 100s whereas the number is significantly low for chaitanya, or for say any institute in south India.

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