How do I get a college transfer certificate?


  1. To write an Application TC ( Transfer Certificate ) from School or Application for Transfer Certificate from School and College, follow the steps below;
  2. Write the details of the person(School Principal) who will issue the TC, along with the institute name and address.
  3. Mention date.
  4. Write subject line.

Do colleges give transfer certificate?

ANSWERS (3) dear Deepti, transfer certificate is issued by college not by university, university issues migration certificate so that you can get admission in any other university or affiliated college of that university.

What means transfer certificate?

Transfer certificate is a declaration issued to a student on his demand by the accountable for the foundation ie. College or School when the student needs to leave that institution.

Is Transfer Certificate same as leaving certificate?

Hello! Yes, both are the same which are issued by school / college when you leave school / college and go for further studies or change the school / college.

Can I get admission in college without transfer certificate?

No, you can ‘t join a reputed school without transfer certificate. Most of the school will not give admission. Transfer certificate is a certificate issued to a student on his request by the in charge of the institution ie. College or School when the student wants to leave that institution.

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Can I get my TC?

Transfer certificates are issued by the school. You will need to approach the school and give a written request asking for a duplicate copy of the TC to be issued to you. Please mention that you lost the TC and require it for seeking admission in college or school.

Is transfer certificate required for job?

For job purposes a big No. If you are taking admission for higher studies in that case it is required. Some universities ask for it some don’t. Migration certificate for university admission also works.

Do we need to pay for transfer certificate?

Schools can’t withhold transfer certificate over non- payment of fees: HC. After the conclusion of arguments, the court held that under the Delhi School Education Act, a private school had no authority to withhold issuance of Transfer Certificate to a student over non- payment of outstanding fees.

What is the importance of transfer certificate?

The transfer certificate is quite important for students. It enable a student to continue their education. The student who wish to change their school, college, university or board are required to submit the transfer certificate letter from their previous institute. It is an essential admission document.

Is character certificate important for college admission?

Ans: Yes, even if not for school admission, character certificate is a very important certificate for college admission.

Is provisional certificate and degree certificate same?

The Certificate provided after the completion of the graduation or post- graduation is called the Degree certificate. Provisional Certificate is provided to students on behalf of the original Certificate who qualified the University or Board Examination.

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