How can I get admission in Madras Christian College?

Voc, BCA, B.Sc, BBA course at MCC Chennai candidates have to fill the application form in online mode. The application form can be obtained from the official website. Along with the application form, candidates have to submit certain documents. After submitting the same candidates will have to pay the application fee.

Is MCC private or public?

Madras Christian College ( MCC ) is an art and science college that is located in Tamil Nadu. Established in the year 1837, it is one amongst the oldest extant colleges of Asia. Madras Christian College Placement.

Established 1837
Ownership Public /Government,Autonomous
Total Courses 44 courses across 10 streams


Is Madras Christian College good?

Placements: Madras Christian College is a well-known college all over India. The college has many notable alumni like Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico. More than 90% of students placed every year in different firms. MCC is not only about good ac

Is MCC college co ed?

Madras Christian College is a co – ed art and science college with an almost equal number of boys and girls. Women’s Christian College (WCC) is for women that means girls campus. The hostel facilities for boys is up to UG level but for girls, it is for PG level.

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Which is the first college in Chennai?

Some of the earliest affiliated colleges are the Madras Christian College (1837), Presidency College (1840), Pachaiyappa’s College (1842), Madras Sanskrit College (1906), Queen Mary’s College (1914), Women’s Christian College (1915), Loyola College, Chennai (1925), Vivekananda College (1946), Stella Maris College (1947

How do I pay MCC college fees?

Pay Online

  1. Payment of Semester Fees for UG and PG students. SB COLLECT.
  2. Payment of Semester Fees for UG and PG students.
  3. Payment of Hall Mess Fees.
  4. Payment of Hall Fees.
  5. Payment of School of Continuing Education Fee.
  6. Payment of Repeat CA Fees.
  7. Payment of M.Phil.
  8. Payment of Arrear Fees for End of Semester Examination (ESE) April 2021.

Is MCC a private college?

Madras Christian College ( MCC ) is a liberal arts and sciences college in Chennai, India. Founded in 1837, MCC is one of Asia’s oldest extant colleges. Madras Christian College.

Motto In Hoc Signo
Campus Suburban, 365 acres
Affiliations University of Madras


What is the dress code in MCC college?

There are subtle hints to women to wear “appropriate clothing ”, which means no sleeveless dresses or short tops. Demure salwars are preferred. It’s hard to picture an MCC devoid of men with rocker-style long hair and ripped jeans, or women in tees and skirts.

How old is MCC?

On Sept. 19, 1962, the doors of MCC’s original campus swung open and welcomed 720 students. Three years later, in June 1965, MCC became the first college in the nation to receive accreditation within three years of its founding.

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Is there ragging in MCC?

Ragging is banned in MCC. So its a crime to rag some one inside the campus. There is anti ragging committee in MCC and its particularly to deal with this sort of issues so you can contact them via the office room.

Is MCC good for girls?

Most of the staffs at MCC are students friendly and kind and gentle. Some staffs do react to women students rudely if their dressing are little provocative.

Does MCC have MBA?

MBA at MCC, Bangalore: Courses & Fees 2021.

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