How can wear cotton dupatta for college?

You can either try the plain suits with heavy dupatta style or another way is to drape the dupatta in a saree style over jeans a blouse top. Draping a printed dupatta on different types of dresses like a midi dress or a denim shirt dress can also look extremely stylish and can work as college wear.

Which side we should wear dupatta?

Just put it on either side of your shoulders, pin it up, and spread it over your arm. It is prim, neat, and shows off your dupatta too. I prefer to wear it on my left because I like that profile better, but you can suit yourself.

How do you wear a dupatta on your head?

10 Ways to Drape Your Dupatta

  1. Covering the head in class.
  2. Head covered with a front U-shape.
  3. Double dupatta in a Gujarati drape.
  4. Single dupatta in a saree drape.
  5. Single dupatta tied on the wrist and covering the head.
  6. Double dupatta; one covering the head and other spread out in front.
  7. Dupatta on head with a pleated front on one shoulder.

How do you cover your head with a dupatta?

Place the dupatta behind your head against the back of your neck. While holding the dupatta in front of you horizontally, move it up and over your head and then rest it on your neck. Pull each side down so that the ends flow down each side of your neck. Make sure the backside with the matte finish is against your neck.

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How do you wear stiff dupatta?

Make sure the dupatta is hanging around the same length on both sides and is properly pleated rather than just gathered and put around the neck. Another way to show off your particularly heavy, colourful or stiff dupatta is to drape it on one shoulder and let it hang freely over your arm.

How do you take dupatta in winter?

The trick lies in how you style it!

  1. When it comes to shawls, choose a wedding-worthy embellished one (like this brand Janavi has!)
  2. Add a plain shawl under embroidered net dupatta of same shade!
  3. Tuck the dupatta into a belt when you’re in a full-sleeve blouse.

How do you wear dupatta on Gharara?

24 Dupatta Draping Styles With A Twist

  1. Free Falling From Shoulders On Both Sides.
  2. The Shoulder And Wrist Drape.
  3. The Slipped Pallu Style.
  4. The Head Covering Style.
  5. Front To Back One Side Drape.
  6. Pleats Gathered At One Side.
  7. Dupatta Thrown Over The Shoulders.
  8. Draping Dupatta Around Your Arms.

What do you call dupatta in English?

Dupatta (Hindi: दुपट्टा, Urdu: دوپٹہ‎) is a long scarf that is essential to many South Asian women’s suits. Some ” dupatta suits” include the salwar kameez, the trouser suit, and the kurta. The other names for dupatta are chunri and chunni (sometimes shortened to ‘unni’ by many Gujaratis).

How do you carry heavy dupatta?

An easy way to carry a heavy dupatta is to let it flow down one side of your shoulder. You can pin it up and give it a neat look. Wearing this style distributes the attention equally on the Kurti as well as the dupatta.

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