How is MVJ College of Engineering Quora?

Placement- Its ok*. Average package is in between 2.5–3.0 lakhs. All good students of Cs,Is and Ece are placed. Some(2 OR 3) prodigal individuals get a decent package of 6–7L and above.

Is MVJ College of Engineering good for CSE?

College of Engineering – MVJCE. Placements: Placements in our college are pretty good. I think about 80% of the students get placed just from the CSE department only. If you maintain a good score and involve in technical activities, then you will get placed.

How is MVJ Medical College Bangalore Quora?

Among govt medical college Bangalore Medical College is good I don’ say its best,fees is very nominal till last year it was Rs. 18500 per year, whole course fee is less than 1 lakhs. (4 and half years). There is 2 ways in which u can get admission in this college: CET and Management.

Is New Horizon College of Engineering good Quora?

New Horizon College of Engineering provides best-in-class education with its industry-oriented courses which help students steer in the right direction. Located in Bengaluru, it is a private institution that aims to contribute effectively to society through innovative research, impeccable teaching and learning.

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What is the full form of MVJ College Bangalore?

Manikudi Venkataraman Jayaraman College of Engineering.

Is MVJ Medical College good?

It is the best college for studying, the campus is very good. The course is good. Studies are nice and the college is good.

Is New Horizon good for engineering?

The academics of the college is really great. I am studying MCA from New Horizon College Of Engineering and there faculty is well qualified. The teachers teach us in very practical way and its make us definitely job ready. The placement of the college is really great and about 90% of students got placed in companies.

Is New Horizon good for MBA?

Awesome facilities and Infrastructure. Placements: There are a good number of students placed from our batch. I have done my MBA and got placed in a well-reputed company. It is ranked number 1 in Karnataka and ranked number 15 in India with a 100%placement assurance and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Is NHCE good Quora?

I had an amazing a time at the ECE department friendly and hard working teachers who are dedicated to their cause. Excellent lab facilities with highly efficient lab attenders. We had a lot of freedom in terms of labs. If you require High quality teaching and assistance to improve your skill NHCE is a good choice.

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