Is 160 a good score in JEE Mains 2020?

With the score of 160 marks out of a total of 300, you can expect your percentile to be in the range of 99.0-99.3. With this percentile, you can expect your General rank i.e., AIR (All India Rank) to be in between 6800 and 8550.

Can I get nit with 160 marks?

You should score minimum of 180 marks. Yes 160 marks are enough for nits. you eligible for good NITs.

Is 160 a good score in JEE Advanced?

what will be expected genral and obc rank for 160 marks in jee advance 2020. Hello There, Your score is very good, but rank, varies every year according to the toughness of the paper. Although according to last year cutoffs your rank would be around 2500-5500, in all india category.

Is 150 a good score in JEE Mains 2020?

As per your score in JEE Mains 2020 and past years’ data analysis, you’re likely to get a percentile around 98.79-98.99. And you’re rank is likely to be around AIR 9,5 00. The data is likely to vary this year as much as 1000 rank. You’re likely to get admission in good branches of reputed NITs.

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Is 98 percentile good in JEE mains?

General Category candidates need to score a minimum of 95+ percentile score to get NITs. For reserved category candidates, the 80+ percentile score is enough to get NITs. What is a good score in JEE Main? 250+ marks in JEE Main are considered as a good score.

Is 96 percentile good in JEE mains?

96.5 percentile is a good score for JEE Mains. In the 96.5 percentile you will get a seat in top government & private colleges.

Can I get nit with 95 percentile?

There are less chances for you to get admissions into Top NITs with 95 percentile, however, that also depends on you category and choice of B. Tech programme. You can check the cutoff range and accordingly see which NITs will accept your score.

Is 99 percentile good in JEE mains?

Scoring 99 percentile in jee mains like competitive exams is a very good performance. Due to High competition, your rank will be approx. 11k on this percentile. For getting seats into the NITs, your jee mains scores must be more than 97 percentile for general candidate.

Can I get nit with 97 percentile?

With 97 percentile it is bit difficult to hget CSE in good NIT’s eventhough you belong to OBC. You can get other good branches like ECE,EE in NIT Raipur,Jamshedpur,Jammu. You can get Ceramic,Food Processing,Metallurgy,Mining in NIT Rkl,Durgapur,Patna. If you go for the north eastern NIT’s you can easily get CSE.

Which IIT can I get with 5000 rank?

IITs for 5,000 to 10,000 Rank Holders in JEE Advanced 2020

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Name of the IIT Name of Branch Expected Opening Rank
Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad Chemical Engineering 5624
Civil Engineering 6526
Engineering Physics 5927
Environmental Engineering 7984


Which IIT can I get with 1 rank?

IIT Rankings 2020

IIT Ranking IIT College NIRF Score
1 Indian Institute of Technology Madras 89.93
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 88.08
3 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 85.08
4 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 82.18


Can I get nit with 90 percentile general?

That means a candidate with 80- 90 percentile in JEE Main has a chance to get admission to NITs and IIITs for B. Tech courses. However, not all NIT s and IIITs may accept the 80- 90 percentile candidates.

What is the rank for 150 marks in JEE Main?

JEE Main Marks Vs Ranks 2020

Marks JEE Main Rank
121 – 130 20164 – 16084
131 – 140 15501 – 12281
141 – 150 11678 – 9302
151 – 160 8949 – 7004


Is 150 a good score in mains?

150 -200 is considered to be pretty good in JEE Mains. If all the previous year rank analysis and cut-offs are taken into account, then the marks between 150 -200 might lead to your admission in the top NITs. Plus, you will also get qualified for the IITs and JEE Advanced. Hope this information gives you a clarity.

How can I get 99 percentile in JEE Mains 2022?

JEE Main April 2021: 5 Tips to get 99 Percentile Score

  1. Questions in JEE Main are basically conceptual, formulated mostly from NCERT.
  2. 1) Check JEE Main February and March Question Papers.
  3. 2) Revise NCERT and Important Topics.
  4. 3) Solve Previous Year Papers and Sample Question Papers.
  5. 4) Practice Mock Tests.
  6. 5) Practice Time Management.

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