How do you get money from college caution?

Each student, studying in the final year of his/her course, is required to fill up clearance form (No Dues Form) and submit the same to the Accounts Office, before leaving the College. The Accounts Office processes the forms and distributes the cheques of caution money at the time of College Convocation.

What is caution money?

: money deposited by a student on entering a British university typically as security for possible damages (as to laboratory equipment)

What happens if a college doesn’t give caution money?

If it is not successful, you may try approaching (with your complaint) the Department of College Education of your state (or, any similar department which regulates college education in your state), or the Secretary of Higher Education in your state.

How do I apply for a refund of caution money?

I have successfully completed my degree from this institute & therefore submitting the request for the refund of Caution Money deposited at the time of admission. Original receipt of Caution Money is hereby attached for your ready reference. Kindly do the needful and oblige.

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How do you ask for money caution?

Sir, I am writing this letter for return of my security cheque of Caution Money, that I deposited in the college account while taking admission as that amount is refundable, I want that amount so that it will help in paying for my higher education. I hope my cheque will be processed within 2-3 working days. Thank you.

Is caution money refundable GeM?

This caution money amount can be forfeited in part or in full (as per approval of CEO ( GeM )) in following circumstances: Seller rejects or does not accept any Direct Purchase / L-1 Purchase order within defined timelines leading to auto cancellation of order.

What is the meaning of caution?

1: care taken to avoid trouble or danger: precaution They approached the dog with caution. 2: warning a word of caution. caution. verb. cautioned; cautioning.

What is the spelling of caution money?

noun. mainly British a sum of money deposited as security for good conduct, against possible debts, etc.

What is caution deposit in TTD?

Under this, those who book rooms online have to pay two-day rent as caution deposit. At the time of checkout, TTD reception wing will refund deposit. Currently, caution deposit system has been resumed for online booking only, according to TTD officials.

How do I write a refund for security deposit for college?

It is to inform you that I, (Name) have been a student of (Subject and department name) in your college / university for the last 4 years. My 8/12 semesters have completed now and I have passed my last semester as well. I had deposited a security of (Money amount) at the time of admission.

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How do I write a letter to Bank for refund?

I have been a sincere account holder at your bank bearing account (account number). Last month, a sum of Rs. 10, 000 was incorrectly deducted from my savings account on (date). I claim a refund for the same.

How do you write a refund letter to a college?

I am a student at this Institute (Section, Roll/registration no. and department name). I was enrolled in the (Department name) that began on (DATE). This letter is to request a full refund of my tuition fee (Amount of money).

How do I write a refund for school money?

I am (Name) and student of (Class/grade name). I am writing this letter to you so that I can ask for my security fee refund from School. (Describe in your own words). As per school rules, it was cleared before admission that after the completion of my (Exam name), the school will refund me the security fee.

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