Is college of vocational studies a good college?

It’s the best college on the south campus, with good infrastructure and highly qualified teachers. Placements: Most of the hardworking students get college placements. In our course, the highest salary package offered is 12 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is 2.5 LPA.

How is College of Vocational Studies Quora?

College of Vocational Studies was founded in 1972 and is famous for Vocational courses as it is the only college in Delhi University which provides these courses. I would like to clear out some thing one by one. Placement – College Placement Cell is not good at all. Do not expect good placements from the college.

How is College of Vocational Studies for BCOM Hons?

Placements: College of Vocational Studies is one of the best colleges in south campus. About 70-100% of the students from our course got placed, it also depends on cutoffs. The fee of B.Com ( Hons ) course ranges from Rs. 70,000 to 80,000 per year, and it includes college fee, hostel fee and all taxes.

Is College of Vocational Studies good for BMS?

Placements: Placements at College of Vocational Studies were very good and huge in number. The college comes under Delhi University. Our course was BMS which is a professional course so the placement percentage was 100%.

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Which vocational course is best?

Here is a list of 10 best vocational courses, which colleges and institutes have to offer to today:

  • Animation Course.
  • Electronics/ House electrician/ Electrical expert.
  • Gym/Physical Education.
  • Finance and Banking.
  • Disaster Management.
  • Public Relations.
  • Marketing/Advertisements.
  • Catering Management.

What are the subjects in vocational?

List of Vocational Subjects:

  • Office Secretary ship. a. Office Practice and Secretary ship.
  • Stenography & Computer Application. a. Typewriting (English)
  • Accountancy and Auditing. a. Financial Accounting.
  • Marketing and Salesmanship. a. Marketing.
  • Banking. a. Cash Management and House Keeping.
  • Electrical Technology. a. Engineering Science.
  • Automobile Technology. a.

Which is better CVS or Dyal Singh College?

Dyal singh, cvs,ramanujan,shivaji. talk also about environment?? As far as all these colleges are concerned, college of vocational studies ( CVS ) is better than the other colleges because it has a better infrastructure and better job opportunities, environment is also good there. It is better than the rest of colleges.

Is CVS in North Campus?

CVS was established in the year 1972 and is located in Sheikh Sarai II. Initially starting with courses in French, German and Spanish, now it has spread to higher education courses in liberal arts and commerce as well. College of Vocational Studies ( CVS )

Courses Offered: 2019 cut-off % for CVS:
English 96.5

What is BA vocational course?

Bachelor of Vocational Education (B. Voc ) is a three-year undergraduate course which is focused on providing adequate skills for a candidate to have the relevant skills relating to a profession.

What are the vocational courses in DU?

Vocational Courses in Delhi University –

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Course Specialisation Number of Seats (as per 2019-20)
BA ( Vocational Studies ) – B.A. (Voc.) Materials Management 55
Tourism Management 110
Human Resource Management 110
Office Management and Secretarial Practice 98

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