How do I apply to Jai Hind College?

Jai Hind College Application Form 2021 Applicants can apply for admission to Jai Hind College by filling out the request form for their respective courses through this application form link.

What is the cut off for Jai Hind College?

Jai Hind College UG Cutoff 2020

Course Name Round 1 Round 2
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) 91 88
Bachelor of Science (BSc) 75.08 60
BVoc in Software Development 50 53.08
Bachelor of Arts (BA) 95.67 94

What is the fees of Jai Hind College?

The Jai Hind College B.Sc fees is INR 6,130 for 1st year, INR 5,910 for 2nd year, and INR 6,160 for 3rd year. Jai Hind College, Mumbai Fee Structure and List of Courses Summary.

Course Duration Fees
Bachelor of Mass Media [BMM] 3 year(s) 60

Is maths compulsory for BMS in Jai Hind College?

It is not compulsion. BMS programme has students from all 3 backgrounds (Commerce, Science and Arts). You have statistics and Integration & Derivatives as a part of your syllabus in the First year of your course which can be a little challenging if you have not studied it in your Junior college (11th & 12th).

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Is Jai Hind good?

Jai Hind is one of the best colleges in Mumbai and holds upto it’s reputation. The quality of teaching is great and that’s because they take academics and lab skills side by side. There are various activities and assignments conducted for better knowledge of the subject.

Does Jai Hind College has hostel?

Jai hind doesn’t provide hostels, but there are good PGs/ hostels or flats in and around.

Is Jai Hind college good for science?

Situated in church gate area, the college is considered as one of the top in Mumbai. Not reakky and attraction, Jaihind College is one of the top colleges in Mumbai especially for people pursuing science.

Does Jai Hind College have Sindhi quota?

Your class 12 percentage will be strictly considered for admission in the college. You can also provide sindhi quota details in the application form during admission. Since you have scored 75.80% you can easily get admission in the college.

Which college is better KC or Jai Hind?

According to ranking Jai hind college is on no. 6th but according to rating, KC college is better. And the placement criteria is best in both the college.

Does Jai Hind College offer BBA?

Jai Hind College BBA Courses & Fees 2021.

Is Jai Hind autonomous?

Jai Hind College is an autonomous college in Mumbai, India, affiliated to the University of Mumbai. It is amongst the most highly reputed colleges in the country. It was established in 1948.

Does Jai Hind College have BSC CS?

Details of B.Sc. Computer Science in Jaihind College of Science.

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