How much does it cost to study MBBS in Nepal?

How to Apply for Study MBBS in Nepal Universities for academic seasons 2020 -2021?

Last Date To Apply August 2020
Minimum Course Fee Rs. 8.10 Lakhs/ Year
Maximum Course Fee Rs. 9.50 Lakhs/ Year
Cost of Living In Nepal Rs. 5-10 Thousand/Month
Course Duration 5 years

What is the fee of Manipal University?

Manipal University, Manipal Fee Structure and List of Courses Summary

Course Duration Fees
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] 3 year(s) 4,20,000
Master of Commerce [M.Com] 2 year(s) 1,32,000
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] 2 year(s) 2,10,000
Doctorate of Medicine [MD] 3 year(s) 43,50,000


How can I get admission in Nepal Medical College?

Admission Process

  1. Nepal Medical Commission Conducts an Entrance Exam for MBBS admission in all affiliated Colleges.
  2. Exam will be conduct in January 2021.
  3. Students including Indians must appear and qualify in this exam to get admission in any of these Colleges.
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How many medical colleges are there in Nepal?

Currently, about 20 Medical Colleges are operating in Nepal (both governmental and private colleges ). Most of the colleges are affiliated to 2 main Universities of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu University (KU) and Tribhuvan University /IOM (TU).

What is the salary of MBBS doctor in Nepal?

A person working in Doctor / Physician in Nepal typically earns around 190,000 NPR per month. Salaries range from 69,700 NPR (lowest average) to 320,000 NPR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Which country has cheapest MBBS?

MBBS Education Abroad – Top 10 Countries for Indian Students to Study at Low Cost

  • China. In China, the 45 medical institutions are approved by MCI.
  • Philippines. Philippines is one of the best choices for India students to fulfill their MBBS degree at low cost.
  • Nepal.
  • Ukraine.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Russia.
  • Poland.
  • Bangladesh.

Does Manipal accept JEE score?

JEE Main is the national level engineering entrance exam conducted for admission in various graduation courses offered by best engineering institutes of country. Top 5 Private Engineering Colleges in India Under JEE Main.

S.No 4
Name of the College Manipal Institute of Technology
Opening Rank 3452
Closing Rank 12615

Does Manipal give scholarship?

MAHE Manipal offers Freeship, Scholar and Achiever scholarship to meritorious students admitted to the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) program at Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT). There will be NO scholarship based on the performance in the final year.

Is it difficult to get into Manipal?

Difficulty level of Manipal entrance exam is medium level. If we compare the level of the Manipal exam from JEE Main then it is easy and if you are comparing with state level it’s is difficult. To crack Manipal exam time management is very important.

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Is Nepal best for MBBS?

Nepal has some of the best medical, educational facilities. The cost of studying medicine in Nepal is lower as compared to other countries. MBBS fees in Nepal are economical when compared to universities in other foreign countries. The universities have well-equipped hostel facilities.

Is Nepal good for MBBS?

Consequently, the ratio of passing the MCI Screening test among the students of any MBBS college in Nepal is very high. The Universities of Nepal are known for the quality of education. The country also has autonomous Medical colleges in Nepal for MBBS. Another benefit is the affordable MBBS Course fees in Nepal.

Which country is best for MBBS?

Top 11 Countries for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad at Low Cost

  • China. China is one of the most preferred countries to study medicine for Indians.
  • Philippines. The Philippines is a profitable choice for studying medicine.
  • Nepal.
  • Caribbean.
  • Ukraine.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Russia.
  • Poland.

Is BDS better than MBBS?

The BDS Course leads to a degree in Dental Science and Surgery. It’s an undergraduate degree course and the degree awarded is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Although MBBS is a noble profession, a degree in BDS is better than a plain MBBS.

What are the best courses in medical field in Nepal?

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT), Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (B.Sc. MIT), Bachelor of Optometry (BOPTM), Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) are some of the other medical courses after 12th that interested students can do from Nepal.

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Is education free in Nepal?

The free and compulsory education of children is a fundamental right under the Constitution of Nepal. The law ensures that all children get free and compulsory education up to class eight and free education from class nine to twelve in government schools.

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