How can I get Tc from college after first year?

course after completion of your first year and wanted to get back your 12th standard transfer certificate then, you need to contact your college principal and explain the reason for discontinuing the course. He may ask to pay the remaining 2 years college fee and tell you to collect your certificates.

How do you get TC in college?


  1. To write an Application TC (Transfer Certificate) from School or Application for Transfer Certificate from School and College, follow the steps below;
  2. Write the details of the person(School Principal) who will issue the TC, along with the institute name and address.
  3. Mention date.
  4. Write subject line.

How can I get duplicate TC?

So, in order to get duplicate TC, you will have to lodge a police FIR(First Information Report) for lost of your college transfer certificate. After that write a separate application to the head/principal of your college and attach one copy of FIR with the application.

Can we take Tc from college?

ANSWER (1) Yes, you can get your transfer certificate or migration certificate back. You should go there and demand your TC from college administrators or proctor. All the best. Yes, you can get your transfer certificate or migration certificate back.

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How long will it take to get TC?

TC will be given after three days of submission of duly filled application form. Duplicate TC will be given after 10 days of the submission of above mentioned documents. Students from CBSE affiliated schools must ensure that the scanned copy of their TC must be uploaded by previous school in their official website.

Can TC be Cancelled?

Yes. It can be cancelled at any stage. Even after it has been issued. Its under the jurisdiction of the Principal who has issued the TC.

Can I get my TC?

Transfer certificates are issued by the school. You will need to approach the school and give a written request asking for a duplicate copy of the TC to be issued to you. Please mention that you lost the TC and require it for seeking admission in college or school.

Can I get TC anytime?

Any student from the school can get the original transfer certificate ( TC ) only once as per rules. Therefore, the original transfer certificate issued from the portal can also be issued only once. 2. Offline TC is issued like any student for any reason.

Is TC and migration certificate same?

Migration certificate and transfer certificate are not same. You need to get your transfer certificate and migration certificate if your class 11 board is not CBSE. If it is not CBSE then you need migration certificate.

What if TC is lost?

You need to contact college authorities with a notarized affidavit that you have lost or destroyed TC irrevocably. In some cases college may ask for an FIR copy too. Give an application in prescribed format with prescribed fee & you should be able to get it.

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How do I write a lost TC application?

Unfortunately, During the packing process, I accidentally misplaced the Transfer Certificate you issued in my name a _______ (days/weeks/month) ago. Therefore, I request you to kindly issue a duplicate transfer certificate in my name so that I could get it submitted continue my studies over here with no trouble.

How can I take TC online?


  1. Register full name of the school in TC Header.
  2. Prepar TC data for all students in an Excel sheet on your computer.
  3. Copy the excel data (without heading row and blank area) and paste it in the TC Generator.
  4. Click Get TC and then Click Preview Button to get preview.
  5. Print or Save as PDF.

How can I get Tc from Delhi University?

To get a Migration certificate you have to fill up a form ( which u can get from your college or from V.C office).. Get it attested from your college & submit it to the examination department of Delhi University. The fees for availing the Certificate is Rs 500 & it takes a week to get it.

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