St. Johns College - Pathanamthitta - MBA and Bcom Courses

BCOM Computer Appications

Today computers are used in almost every part of our lives; in car engines, microwave oven, video games, watches, telephones, desktops, at home and work, mainframe computers in government and industry, and supercomputers pushing out the frontiers of science and technology. The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy and that growth promises to continue well into the new century.
To maintain a Competitive edge, one must continue to make creative scientific and engineering advances in order to produce the best possible weapon and information systems. More than ever, there is a demand for professionals with the scientific and technical training necessary to perform effectively on the job. A Professional course such as BCom (Computer- Applications) calls for the maintenance of standards of teaching. This has been the 'focus area' at the St.Johns College .The college has to its credit teaching faculty drawn from the cream of high academic qualifications, vast professions experience, genuine love of teaching. Each department head has over a decade of teaching experience and almost equally experienced are the other Professors, Readers and Lecturers. Learning at The St.Johns College is judicious blend of theory, observation and supervised practice and infrastructure that is comparable to the best in the world that gives the students the confidence of handling every aspect of Software.

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